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Raymond Morales Feliz

Velluto Finitto was founded by Raymond Morales Feliz in 2014.  His passion for this cleaning and restoration industry is unmatched.  After working at Madame Paulette Interior Cleaning Division for nearly two decades, Raymond encountered irreconcilable financial differences and decided it was time for him to move on.  It was then Velluto Finitto was born.  Raymond and his certified master technicians strives to deliver the best services with the highest standards in mind.  His 25 years knowledge of the industry makes Velluto Finitto Cleaners the ideal candidate to care for your precious furnished items.    



You can not just put soap in a machine and hope for the best, like most cleaning company do. Our guys are more than just master technicians, they are scientist. Knowing your stain background and ingredients is very important. Knowing the types of chemicals to use on the proper stains is highly recommended. Our Master Technician can identify and knows the different between a Alkaline stain and a Acidic stain. Knowing the types of fabric and dyes is a big key to success in all types of textiles. Let our expert do all your cleaning and restoration on your furnished items.